On this edition of 30 on 3D, see the Purple Platypus Additive Manufacturing Technology Center where you can experience the industry’s most capable industrialized products and workflows.

We have thoughtfully designed our floorplan to replicate your product lifecycle. We put a keen focus on your workflows and how these additive technologies align and accelerate your processes. With a full line of printers and hundreds of actual 3D printed samples, you are able to visualize and verify the potential value for your business.

First, Stratasys PolyJet printers. PolyJet machines enable ideation and concept prototyping. They simultaneously print multi-materials resulting in over 600,000 colors, transparent, and elastomeric options. PolyJet technology brings your ideas to life.

As you virtually travel through our showroom, you’ll see our Stratasys FDM printers. FDM machines create functional prototypes. Functional testing is an essential part of product development, and FDM enables you to iterate with ease to meet your product goals. Additionally, FDM technology doubles as an efficient way to make Jigs and Fixtures to support your manufacturing floors once your products move into production.

We are excited to announce our newest wing, the production showroom. It allows you to experience a completely new way to envision your company’s supply chain with SAF technology. Fabricating end use parts at production quantities and price points is now a reality. Later this year, we will be adding to our production capabilities with Stratasys’ newest production machines, Origin One and RPS.

Lastly, you’ll see our Post-Processing Center. Post-processing is an essential final step in our workflow. From hand sanding to polishing, our technicians ensure the parts are perfect for our customers.